Good Financial Reads #1

The financial blogosphere is full of amazing blogs that regularly publish great content worth mentioning over and over again on the internet. I often read posts that share surprising facts about life and our world, as well as move or inspire me. I felt those articles must be shared with this blog’s readers so here is this week’s list.

Personal Finance Lessons I Wish I’d Been Taught in School by Girl Meets Debt – Some very good points here about the lack of emphasis placed by schools on financial literacy and which areas they should delve into to help shape a financially stable younger generation.

How Does It Feel to Pay Off $100,000 of Debt? by Enemy of Debt – Travis, the blog author, shares his emotions upon realizing he had reached a major milestone in his journey towards debt repayment. His story is likely to inspire lots of people faced with an uphill battle against debt, because he shows that determination probably one of the most important factors involved in paying off one’s loans.

10 Big Reasons Why I Love (and Hate) Credit Cards by Lepenzo – A very entertaining yet informative list of reasons why credit cards and good and bad. You can’t have the best of both worlds and the same goes for financial tools, so check this article out if you want a crash course on credit cards.

Things babies just don’t need by Get Rich Slowly. I enjoyed reading this article because I could relate to it. We often spend a lot of money on accessories that babies can easily do without, and that includes baby beddings and designer clothes. We often get these things from relatives so I’m not complaining, but I tell them off and on not to splurge their hard earned money on designer clothes and instead use it to buy non-branded items that are just as durable and cute.

Consistent Goal Setting by Good Financial Cents. This post may sound like a typical management-related article about setting goals in life or your business but what sets it apart is the fact that we read the author’s personal examples. His goals are formidable and his achievements are nothing less, and that just make one want to think big too, hoping to benefit from the simple wisdom of writing down your goals on paper and reviewing them every couple of months.

Figuring out which gift to present to you boss is rather tricky because you have to walk the delicate line between being too extravagant and too thrifty, and let’s not forget the possibility that your gift may not be appreciated at all. An article over at Wise Bread, titled 10 Gifts for Your Boss, will serve an excellent guide for you.

Enjoy reading these over the next week if you haven’t caught them already.

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