An Ideal Solution For The Loan Just For One Week

You have already spent your last dollar and payday is still a week away. An unexpected development requires immediate cash, which of course, you do not have.

Since, payment is required immediately there is no chance of postponing. To save on unnecessary interest payment, you search for a loan for short duration of one week until payday.

Keeping in mind the very short duration requirement of funds by borrowers, lenders have launched ‘ payday loan’ scheme. You avail the loan just for one week, thereby saving substantial interest payment. Obviously, the loan needs to be repaid after one week of borrowing.

Normally finance available is within the limits of $100 and $1500. Your entitlement of the loan amount is dependent on your cash needs and your ability to pay back the loan within the stipulated period of one week. If you go beyond this period, you may need to pay late payment charges.

Even though you make use of the loan just for one week, you still have to fulfil prescribed loan eligibility conditions that are common for all borrowers; irrespective of the amount they borrow.

‘ payday loan’ is approved on highly liberalized terms. No check is done to assess your past credit performance and this measure helps you get a loan even when you suffer from credit issues like arrears, defaults, foreclosures etc.

The loan is categorized as an unsecured loan and hence, you need not pledge your valuables beside the loan. Moreover, except for a simple application, you need not fax any document for lenders verification. After quick processing, lender’s credit money to your bank account immediately.

A convenient online process should be made use of to apply for your loan. The arrangement is very convenient as it helps you to submit the application at any time of your choice. Online application being paperless, you hardly require five minutes to apply.


When you require finance for a very short period, ‘ payday loan’ is the best option because you can save substantially on interest payment. Quick approval and easy terms help you avail the loan at the right time.

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